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Your construction project needs the expertise that only McDuffie Construction, LLC can bring. With years of experience developing industrial, commercial, and multi-unit residential construction from design to completion, we offer a comprehensive solution for all large-scale projects.

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The right choice for your next construction project or development.

We do commercial construction projects in Kentucky and southern Indiana. McDuffie Construction LLC. Staff has over 60 years' experience in the construction field and has the knowledge and experience necessary to transform your construction ideas to successful realization.

At McDuffie Construction LLC, we believe in quality and professionalism. In taking on your project, our high standards and unique approach will translate to a perfectly-executed construction project that comes in on time and under budget. We pride ourselves on the work that we put out for our customers no matter how big or small the job is.

For a construction partner that's able to deliver every time without fail, call 270-506-3821 and speak to a McDuffie Construction LLC. professional.

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Click the links to the below to learn more about our specific construction services. We specialize in masonry, design/build, general contracting, project management, and construction management.

There may be many construction firms in Kentucky, but McDuffie Construction LLC. is the only one that can adapt to your scale with professional design/build services that encompass everything you need to make your project a success.

You'll notice the McDuffie Construction LLC. difference from our first planning session as we work within your existing design and use our construction expertise to identify potential problem areas. With us, your project's infrastructure will be completely sound and we'll use a detail-oriented approach to ensure that every issue is addressed before we start building.

When you need a large-scale design/build service provider that takes ownership of your construction project, call McDuffie Construction LLC. at 270-506-3821 and see the difference for yourself.

When McDuffie Construction LLC. is hired for a general contracting project, the first step is detailed planning and cost control measures to iron out the specifics of your project and make sure our visions/ideas are perfectly aligned. We've found that thorough planning is one of the keys of successful contracting and you can count on us for innovative solutions that proactively avoid problems before they appear.

Our general contracting services in come with a full quality assurance and control process to make sure that our work not only meets your specifications but also our high standards. We don't settle for unsatisfied clients, we keep going until the job is complete and we're able too proudly stand behind our professional level of work.

McDuffie Construction LLC. is ready to take on any industrial, commercial, and large-scale general contracting projects. Contact us at 270-506-3821 for more details.


There's a reason why brick is a common building material choice in Battletown - its combination of fire resistance, soundproofing, and classic style checks off all the boxes. At Mcduffie Construction Llc, we're well aware of the many advantages of brick construction and every member of our team is a true master of working with bricks.

In addition to brick construction, our masons also know how to treat aging bricks to bring them back to their former appearance. Our brick cleaning and sealing are the perfect way to spruce up an old property whose bricks have seen better days. Mcduffie Construction Llc is also capable of excellent brick repair services to replace crumbling mortar or other common issues.

At the first sign of brick problems, it's important to start working on a remedy. Mcduffie Construction Llc is available to come to your Battletown property to evaluate the current state of the bricks and advise which of our repair, replacement, or refinishing services would be the best fit. Initial consultations are completely free and have no obligation of further work.

When you want brickwork of the highest quality, there's really only one name to call in Battletown - Mcduffie Construction Llc. Call us today at270-506-3821.


Whether you're using natural or artificial stone for your Battletown construction, you'll be glad to know that Mcduffie Construction Llc is a fully local solution with a long history of immaculate stonework. From chimneys to walkways to full home constructions and all points in between, our stone specialists are able to complete work of all types with complete client satisfaction.

It's true that stone is often more expensive than other building materials, but the trade off is a natural looking finish that no other material can rival. At Mcduffie Construction Llc, we work hard to keep your costs low by sourcing stone from many different distributors and providing more than reasonable costs for our stonework labor.

With many of our Battletown clients that prefer stone, we've built long-term relationships that have seen multiple completed jobs over a number of years. Because we want to be part of your property's evolution, you can count on our quality to never be second-rate. Composed of a stonework team with combined decades of experience, Mcduffie Construction Llc is clearly the local leader when it comes to stone construction and repair.

For stonework that's unique, attractive, and flawlessly executed, call270-506-3821 to speak to one of the Mcduffie Construction Llc masonry specialists.

From obtaining all necessary permits to the final touches that fully realize your industrial or commercial ideas, you need a company with the project management experience to make sure all the pieces fall into place. At McDuffie Construction LLC., we're exactly that type of company.

For us, project management has a very precise meaning being a trusted construction partner that handles every detail of your build and is responsible for its success. McDuffie Construction LLC. understands that you're hiring us to deliver on time results that follow your project's specifications to the letter.

On any project management job, you'll have a single point of contact that will keep you up to date about the progress of the assignment and oversee the entire operation. Our experienced construction superintendent and project manager will work closely with all the teams involved to make sure that our goals for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality are all being met.

Call McDuffie Construction LLC. at 270-506-3821 and deal with a firm that's ready to deliver results.

For many developers and owners, having control over selecting individual contractors is a major concern in any construction project. If you prefer more flexibility when it comes to using specific teams and handling parts of the project yourself, but still need an experienced manager to helm the operation, then McDuffie Construction LLC. has construction management services that are the perfect answer.

In a construction management project, McDuffie Construction LLC. can assume a wide range of duties, from site selection and permit acquisition to quality management and on-site coordination. Our professional and flexible approach means that we're able to adapt our workflow to meet your exact needs and create a customized solution that allows you to stay involved.

The construction manager assigned by McDuffie Construction LLC. will act as your representative on the job site and effectively becomes an extension of your own vision. Whether you need contract document preparation, cost accounting, or any other aspect of the project, your point of contact will organize and assemble everything to make sure that the build goes smoothly and efficiently.

At McDuffie Construction LLC., our construction management services are built to fit your needs. Call us at 270-506-3821 to learn more about how we can assist.

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